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1001 Optical is proud to sell Starlen Natural Brown contact lenses. Starlen is an industry leader when it comes to convenient optical solutions. These Monthly contact lenses are ideal for both those newly looking for an alternative to glasses, and those who have been using contacts for years.
Even if you’ve tried contact lenses before and didn’t like them, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try the Natural Brown contacts – technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and Starlen contact lenses are more comfortable and easier to put on/take off than ever before. With a great flow of oxygen, these lenses won’t dry your eyes out and you’ll hardly be able to feel them!
We offer a range of prescription lenses for your Starlen contacts, so even if you have a high prescription, or a particular optical condition, we’re sure we’ll be able to deliver a great visual solution. For expert advice why not head to your local 1001 Optical store?



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