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The Dailies, Total 1 30Pk contact lenses are an innovative, comfortable optical solution for those who desire an easy alternative to glasses. 1001 Optical is proud to sell Dailies Daily Sph contact lenses, which use innovative technology, so you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing them!
Whether you’ve used contact lenses before or you’re new to them, these Dailies lenses are a convenient and comfortable option that’s suitable for many people. The Total 1 30Pk is a Daily Sph lens; meaning you’ll have to change yours every Daily Sph. We can also fit your Dailies contacts with your personal prescription – if you have a condition such as astigmatism, or need multifocals, it won’t be a problem. Speak to our expert optometrists if you’re after advice and assistance in this matter.
Not sure whether the Total 1 30Pk lenses are for you? Why not come into your nearest 1001 Optical store? Our qualified staff will be happy to assess your lifestyle and check your eyes, and then give you helpful advice on how best to use and care for these lenses.



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